Yes. As the contractor the Ministry of Labour mandates the expected number of units, placement locations, type of unit and other details that can be reviewed by clicking here.

Weekly.  Our service people will clean the units weekly and usually on the same day. Of course when holidays happen this day may move, however it will be cleaned.

To a degree. Our vehicles need to come within about 20 feet of the unit(s) for the purposes of cleaning. This means our trucks have to be able to drive to the unit. For most sites we place them near the access road, however our trucks can move through a construction site if the units need to move with the construction workers within the site.

Yes. We have special brackets that we place on the units allowing the contractor’s crane to bring it down when we need to clean it. Please make sure you let us know this as additional costs may be incurred if we are significantly delayed when we arrive for the weekly cleaning.

Private Events

Yes. We prefer to deliver weekend rentals on Thursday or Friday, however based on our schedule and your location it may have to be delivered on Saturday. We will let you know when the unit will be delivered.

Maybe. Our service truck needs to get to within 20’ of the unit so we can pump it out after your event. We cannot be responsible if our truck makes tire tracks or marks on your yard

Most private events such as buck & does need a couple of units. Ideally they need to be within eyesight but far enough from the centre of the event as to not interfere with the overall aesthetics of the party. Our service professional will help you pick the perfect spot.

Yes. Most people prefer to use hand sanitizer and making sure it is available for your guests will make for a better experience.
Yes. Most weekend rental events happen at night and we can make sure that a solar light is installed. These lights provide enough visibility to safely use the unit and they work for the entire night.
No. We typically drop off the unit on Thursday or Friday and pick it up on Monday or Tuesday.


Possibly. We understand that a certain amount of damage may be done to a rental unit; however, often times it is graffitti and we are prepared to clean the unit in those cases. If there is significant damage, like fire damage, where replacement is the only option, we do have the right to charge the total cost of replacement.

Yes. Our accounting program has this ability

You can either receive your invoices electronically or my traditional mail. We prefer electronic as it is faster, trackable and less expensive.

Yes. We accept MasterCard and Visa. Please let the office staff know this is how you will be paying.

Maybe. If you are renting several units we will require a deposit so we can ensure your units are set aside and ready for delivery as promised. If you are only renting a couple of units we will not require a deposit, however we will be expecting payment upon delivery.
Yes. Please contact the office so we can put together a complete package.

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Feel free to inquire if you have questions or are interested in renting a portable restroom for your event, jobsite, wedding, or party.