Parties & Event Rentals

Keep it classy at your next party or special event with Gilbert’s attractive line of Weekend Rental units, featuring bright, clean, colorful facilities. Your guests will thank you!

Pink and Teal

These top-selling units are the portable restrooms of choice for those events that require a little more class. Fresh, clean and colourful, all of these units are outfitted with a hand sanitizer dispenser. Our Pink and Teal Units add a creative touch to a variety of outdoor celebrations you may host, be it a birth day, family reunion, wine tasting or graduation party.  These units are for weekend events only and are never put on construction sites, so you can always be assured a clean unit is delivered to your event! 

Luxury Trailer Restroom

Whether you have an simple outdoor function or an extravagant celebration that requires the best amenities, nothing beats our Portable Restroom Trailer. Featuring three separate stalls (two women’s, one men’s), fold-down aluminum steps with handrails and a porch light,.  Equipped with unrivaled amenities, your guests will enjoy ceramic china pedestal toilets, hand wash sinks, and a tasteful décor replete with modern finishes. Give your guests the absolute best in modern comfort and cleanliness. Contact us today to book your Portable Restroom Trailer!


These spacious units are perfect for those looking for a refined aesthetic and additional amenities. With 24% more floor space, these units come equipped with a hand wash sink and flushable toilet. They are designed to keep waste out of sight for a more pleasant experience. 

Handicap Accessible

With over 16 square feet of floor space, these large portable restrooms are designed specifically for the mobility impaired, and those with other physical disabilities. Including handrail support and ground-level entry with a self-closing door, these Accessible Units offer the best in safety and comfort! 

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Feel free to inquire if you have questions or are interested in renting a portable restroom for your event, jobsite, wedding, or party.